As the most popular MMO, Path Of Exile is very popular among players. Many players are looking forward to Path Of Exile 2, but due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the production plan of Path Of Exile 2 has been postponed.

In order to make up for the lost development time, the developers said they will go all out this year and may estimate the release date based on the amount of work completed. They will try their best to expand the content of Path Of Exile 2 in 2021, and also stated that Path Of Exile 2 should be launched in 2022. When the player heard POE Currency, he said that although he was a little sad and had to wait another year, he also accepted this arrangement.

Path Of Exile 2 will be the sequel to the action role-playing game full of loot, appearing in an expanded form. The developer stated that Path Of Exile 2 will bring a new storyline, a new skill gem system, a new sublimation course and more such content.

Most players consider Path Of Exile to be one of the best RPG games on PC . So players can POE Currency Buy that GGG developers will use their best ability to bring players a perfect answer sheet when 2022 arrives.Let us look forward to Path Of Exile 2 together!