The vertical roller mill operator's operation error exceeds the output: the operation error of the vertical roller mill operator or the problem of the weighing and metering system of the weighing belt feeder will cause the output of the vertical roller mill operation to exceed the output, resulting in stones in the discharge belt of the vertical roller mill operation.

The feeding can be resumed when the vertical roller mill current reaches the normal value by reducing the feeding amount or suspending the feeding (keep the vertical roller mill running normally) (Note: the feeding amount cannot be greater than the design value).

Improper adjustment of material water: during the normal operation of vertical roller mill, if the operator or system adjusts the ratio improperly, the water volume at the inlet is too large, the material water ratio becomes smaller, and its carrying capacity is strong, which will take away a large amount of coarse-grained materials, increase the circulation rate and reduce the working efficiency of vertical roller mill.